Monday, September 15, 2014

Ruby Jon Apples and D'Anjou Pears are ready!

Ruby Jon:

I have been waiting for this apple since last year when I discovered they make AMAZING applesauce!
They are part Jonathon so they are great for baking too.
They are a medium to small size mildly tart apple.
Come try them and see what you think!
ruby jon 3
Ruby Jon

ruby jon 1


D'Anjou pears have just been picked too!  Pre-picked only.


$6.00 for smaller bucket
$12 for large 5 gallon bucket
(Please Note:  The pears MUST be chilled in your fridge for 4-6 weeks in order for them to ripen.  If you leave them on your counter, they will eventually just rot without ripening.  The grocery stores have already done this step for you.  Don't want you to be disappointed!)

anjou pears

Other Apple Update:

Jonagold:   Another 4 rows have opened up to pick.  We are still waiting for another 3 to be ready.
Golden Delicious:  LOTS of beautiful ones available.
Honeycrisp:  You will still find many Honeycrisp out there.  Walk down at least halfway and look under the leaves inside the tree and you will find medium to small sizes.  The green ones still are very sweet!
Gala:  The main 2 rows of Gala have some apples left down at the farthest end but they are getting to be only applesauce quality.  They look beautiful but are getting soft when you bite into them.  Wonderful applesauce.  They are very sweet and wouldn't have to add a drop of sugar.  We do have a few Gala trees in the old section of the orchard that are still crispy.
Melrose:  We have some ready to pick in the old part of the orchard. Please ask so we can show you!  The main row of Melrose are not sweet enough yet.  Need to wait a bit longer.

Just some fun pictures!
apple customers

silas and kai

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick update about Ruby Mac and Golden Delicious

Since I just posted yesterday this will be a super quick update.

Please check yesterday's post for more detailed information about what other apples are ripe now!



Ruby Macs have all been picked.  Thanks for enjoying them all!

Golden Delicious (the regular season ones, not the Smoothies only) are now ready!

Golden Delicious

They are a mildly sweet apple with a thin skin.  Many people like them for pies and baking.  Also can be used for applesauce and of course great for eating.  These straight off the tree are so wonderfully crisp compared to the store.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Still plenty of Honeycrisp, plus others!

The scoop on apples today:


Filling up that bucket!

Plenty of Honeycrisp left to pick, especially on the inside of the tree hiding in the leaves.

A decent amount of Gala left if you are willing to walk to the last 1/3 of the row.  I have a few Gala trees in the older part of the orchard behind the shop if you don't want to go so far also.

Ruby Mac and Smoothies are getting slim but you will find a about 10 loaded trees of each if you are willing to walk to the last 1/4 of the row.  Still very high quality apples.  Ask us for a Gator ride to take you down there if you want!

Been trying to wait to post until the Jonagold were ready but they are still just stalling a bit.  We have 9 rows of Jonagold.  I would say 1 of the rows is actually ready if you pick and choose the redder apples on the outside.  They still need to sweeten up a bit...the greener ones at least. That being said, if you plan to store these, then by all means come pick because they will last longer if picked a bit early and they will ripen in storage.  If you want Jonagold to eat or for pies, I would recommend waiting until you hear from me again on the blog.  I will let you know when we open up more rows.

jonagold 3

In other news, it is still awhile off but I wanted to mention we are having our 2nd annual apple festival on Saturday, Oct 18 from 10-2 so you can mark your calendars!  We will have apple tasting of all the varieties, applesauce to try, crafts for the kids, apple tours for all ages and maybe a little more up our sleeve.   It is a low key day for some free family fun.


Farm Happenings: 

We have all our crops harvested now except for corn and of course apples!  Such a relief to almost have the crazy summer season over.  I mean don't get me wrong, harvest is a great time that shows the "fruits" of your labor but it can be crazy!  It is such a relief to get all the crops in so there is no more question of possible weather/pest/disease damage, etc.   Just a large sigh happens around here.  Maybe that is why we are so cheerful during apple season! Ha!

Now we are starting to plan for next year already, like what crops to grow again and what to stop, how we will care for the crops differently next year, and we do a big final budget to see how each crop produced.  Very time consuming but gives us real information to help us make good financial decisions.

Fun stuff:

Some great people I got to meet so far this year!

family 2

first time picking apple


Thanks for letting me take your picture!  Beware all of you, I will be asking :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Honeycrisp apple is ready!

Finally time for your guy's favorite apple!

Honeycrisp are an excellent eating apple.  Very juicy and sweet.  They are also great for baking and applesauce.  Honeycrisp keep their shape well when baked.

We have 3 rows of Honeycrisp, and an " every other tree is Honeycrisp" row.  As of right now, you will find the ripest Honeycrisp on the most eastern outside row of the 3 Honeycrisp rows,  and on the "every other tree is Honeycrisp" row.  If that is confusing, pretty soon all will be the same and it won't matter :)

honeycrisp 1

Honeycrisp 2

Honeycrisp 3

Some of the Honeycrisp are more red (a tiny bit more ripe), and some are more green colored, like the bottom photo but don't worry, they are all sweet.  The green ones just don't get as much sunshine so don't get a chance to get as red.

Other apples still yummy and available:


Ruby Mac


(Check previous blog posts for information/pictures on each of these varieties)

Bartlett Pears are SOLD OUT.
In awhile we will have D'Anjou pears available.  I'll let you know when!




FYI, We are also on Facebook under Beilke Family Farm if you want another way to hear when your favorite apple is ready.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Gala and Smoothies are ready!

For some reason apple season doesn't officially start in my mind until Gala are ready.  
So I guess it is official :)

Galas are one of our sweetest apples. They are great for applesauce, baking and eating.  Lots of these available!

Smoothies are a early ripening variety of Golden Delicious.  They are a sweet apple too that are great for eating and baking.

 They are a little hidden so we have a big white sign guiding you but you have to walk past half a row of seemingly good Golden Delicous (that are NOT ripe) to get to the Smoothies which ARE ripe :)  Trust me they are worth the effort.  They are very tasty!

And still lots of Ruby Mac out there of course.

Still have Bartlett pears available too!

ALSO wanted to let you know that we will have more limited hours on Sundays this year, and will be open 12pm-6pm.

See you in the orchard!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Good News or Bad News First?

Don't worry it is nothing life or death.  Let me just say that first!

I always like to get the bad news over with first.....

Bad news:  Gravenstein apples have all been picked.  Do I hear any groans?
I hope everyone that wanted some were able to get some this year!  I think this year was a record for how fast they were picked!  Glad you guys are enjoying them!

GOOD NEWS:  We do have another apple ripe!  Ruby Mac apples are ready now.
Ruby Mac are a great eating apple and for applesauce.  You can use them in pies too but is best to mix with another apple since Ruby Mac break down easily when cooked.

Ruby Mac 1ruby mac 3

(The Ruby Mac picture on the left has been shined up on my pant leg :) The left picture is straight from the tree.

We also have Bartlett pears pre-picked available to you.  $5 for a small bucket, $11 for a 5 gallon bucket.

bartlett  pears

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Apple Season is here! Gravenstein apples are starting us off.

Everyone keeps asking if the Gravensteins are ready.  It is finally time!

Come pick starting tomorrow! (Monday), 8am-dusk.

(Gravenstein are the only apple ready now!  Ruby Mac and Gala will be coming next but NOT ripe yet).

Gravenstein apples are an old time favorite.  They are excellent for baking and applesauce, probably one of the best, in many people's opinion.  Sweet-tart flavor with an excellent crunch.

Many people I know, will let the apples sit for awhile before they use them for their pies, almost until they are getting a few days from throwing out, but not too soft that you can't use one of those apple/peeler/corer "machines."   They make a really good pie filling that breaks down some, instead of staying in stiff slices.
We have half a row of Gravenstein so if they are a must for you, don't waste time in coming.  They usually go pretty fast.

The closest way to find the Gravenstein apples, and the least far to carry the buckets are if you park up by the office/shop instead of out back like you would later in the season.  Follow the signs that are to the south of the shop and they will take you out to the Gravensteins.

It will be a bit self-serve for Gravenstein, but once we get going with Ruby Mac and Gala, we will have people working to help you more out in the orchard.  In the meantime, I hope the signs will guide you to where you want to go!